Monday, November 12, 2012

Two devils.

Hi people. I'm so lost in the blogosphere. About to disappear from this space. So here I am blogging
in the middle of the... night or maybe early in the morning 4:42AM.
Just lost some motivation to blog. T.T Hope I can find it back soon. But anyway,
met up with my wifey few days ago. Like finally she's freeeee from her exams.
Happy max!

This post is probably gonna be spammed by our self shots pictures so beware. LOL. PHOTO SPAMS SPAMS SPAMSSS.

And my wifey, Makiyo's hair is mad gorgeous. *_____*


And all the photos above are edited by my wifey. SO YEAHH. All credits to herrrr.

And wifey if you're reading I LOVE YOU. PUBLIC CONFESSION.


  1. You both look like twins :) Really cute pics!!

  2. Aw you girls are so cute! Love your hats!
    Yummy food!

  3. uberly cute gyaru twins!!! so gorgeous! ^_~

  4. You two look like sisters almost! Haha who cares if you blog or not, just keep us posted with your beautiful pictures! I really like your hairs D:

  5. Cute hats :3 Wah~ Kinda wish I had a gyaru buddy too. Envy~

  6. I love those hats!! ^^ You two are so cute & pretty! :)

  7. Very pretty pictures!!!
    And the food looks soooo yummy! :)

  8. Very cute photos!! I love your hair!! Hope I can sport one soon!

  9. You girls are really cute!!!♥ look like if you were twins D: hehe ^^ does your friend have a nice blog like your's ? :)

  10. Aww you and your friend are both so cute!

  11. OMG those hats are soo cool!

  12. I love your hats! They are so cute~


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