Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012.

Time pass horribly fast! It's like 31 December in a blink of eyes. So I thought I should probably do one last blog post for the end of 2012. ^__^ Wahaha we all survived the doomsday.

Honestly 2012 is one hectic year for me. So many activities going on, meeting many many new people along the way! Awesome new friends, so glad I met them.

Nothing saddens me more than losing a really close friend too. Well, I'm sure everybody know how sucky that feels too. Let bygones be bygones. Hold no grudges(hopeful). Since a brand new year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow.

Life is like a roller coaster ride~ All the ups and downs. Family is still the best people on earth. They'll still be there for you no matter what. *insert lots of love*

 I think as I grow older, I tend to isolate myself from people a lot more. So, I hope to be more sociable and make even more friends. Why the hell am I such an awkward panda. :/ And hopefully find my goals in life and work towards it.

Not to forget I need to go jogging more often, since after all these Christmas season, the next food noming sessions will be during February, Chinese New Year. Oh noo... It's so dangerous. I need to lose some fats.

Gahh, anyway I think I'm ending my post here. It's 5.30am now. Gosh, so sleepy.

Hereby wishing everybody a happy new year and hope next year would be a better year for all of you out there!

See you in 2013! Thank you for reading my nonsensical blog all these while!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Geo Mimi Café Macchiato Brown Review!

Harrow! Thank you for sending me a pair of Geo Mimi lens for review!

Loveshoppingholics sells many many different brands of lenses; Dueba, Geo, EOS, Fynale, etc etc. And also some other Japan cosmetics.

It took me 1 week to receive the lens and that's really fast. ^^v Yes, they ship worldwide~

It comes with a card and super cute elephant casing!  And lens is properly wrapped with bubble wrap.

 LOLOL. Pardon my randomness.

And the box is sho cutee toooo. 

Item Details:

Life span: 1 year disposal
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Diameter: 15mm

Natural Lighting

 With flash.

I love the design of the lens because it's supa interesting and looks super natural too. It's quite similar to another lens I tried, Princess Mimi Almond Brown. Why is it interesting is that, the rims of the lens is brown too! Unlike the usual black rims lenses. Super love it. So if you want dolly eyes like I do, this design is definitely the one for you. *________*





I remember that I used to rate Geo lens like pretty high for being comfortable. But recently my eyes been really sensitive and all. So I changed other brands of lenses to try out. To compare with the other brands, geo kinda hurts my eyes after a few hours x.x But still I love Geo Medicals for their lovely lens designs. 

And enter the discount code below to enjoy $2 off from!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

L’Oréal Hair Expertise EverStyle

Hihi fellow readers! Recently gotta thank Alethea for inviting me along to L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverStyle media launch!

Yummy food. 

So, what is L'Oreal Hair Expertise Everstyle? It's the newly launched hair styling products that are alcohol-free. Alcohol tends to dry out and damage our hair. So now with the alcohol-free products,  it helps us to style our hair with salon results without harsh substances. 

Here are the EverStyle family. *____*

Besides the EverStyle series, there's also EverSleek for dry and frizzy hair. EverStrong for hair strengthening.

EverPure for colour-treated hair.

And lastly, EverCreme for nourishing. 
And oh, to add on, they are all Sulfate-free!

Calvin Gan, the director of Hairloom was there at the event to demonstrate on how to use the products, creating three different hairstyles on the models. 

On the first model, products used are: Curl Activating Mousse & Curl Defining Gel.
 First, he uses the mousse and apply evenly on the section of hair that he wants to curl, and blow dry it. After blowing dry, he curled her hair with a hair curling tong. 

 Lastly, he loosen up the curls and used the Curl Defining Gel to enhance the curl pattern on the ends.
 Jang jangggg, the final look.

For the 2nd model, he used Volume Boosting Mousse and Volume Root Lifting Spray to create a messy laid-back hairstyle. 
 Same as the previous product, he used the mousse first and blow dry it.
 Then he sprayed the concentrating on the roots and style her hair.

Not forgetting the short hair girls out there. For the 3rd model, hairstyle, he used the Strong Hold Defining Gel and Strong Hold Styling Spray. 
 Super good product for hair styling!

*______* prettty.

Really enjoyed the event and also talked to Calvin and asked for some tips in hair curling, etc.
And oh, he was talking about my dipdyed hair and I told him that my hair colour faded very fast. So he said, next year's trending hair colour would be pastel colours, matched with light coloured based hair. So instead of this year is trending contrast ombre hair and next year would be more like a fading colour thingy. So yeahhh, peopleeee, go get your pastel hair colours now. Hehe. 

Some photos with the bloggersss. Just so if you're wondering what are their bloglinks, I've attached the link along with their names.
Meet Alethea!


And also Xinyi


The door gifts from L'Oreal. Super generous of them. Thank you so much!

Strong Hold Defining Gel, S$15.90
Sculpts & controls style.

A non-crunchy gel that creates and hold your style, while adding healthy looking shine. This gel leaves hair soft and flexible without residue, flaking or stickiness.

Strong Hold Styling Spray, S$15.90
Locks in style & resists humidity.

An advance spray that locks in and holds any style, while adding endless shine. The ultra-fine mist dries quickly without flaking, so hair stays touchably soft and it never stiff or sticky. Resists humidity.

Availability: Now available in Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa and selected departmental stores.
Curl Defining Gel, S$15.90
Sculpts & defines smooth curls.

Non-crunchy, silky gel that constructs, defines and holds perfect curls, while cntroling frizz and adding shine. This gel leaves curls smooth and defined without frizz. Resists humidity.

Curl Activating Mousse, S$17.90
Shapes & boosts flawless curls.

A weightless, energizing mousse that shapes, boosts and defines flawless curls while controlling frizz and adding shine. This mousse leaves curls soft and manageable without frizz. Resists humidity.

Availability: Now available in Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa and selected departmental stores.
Volume Boosting Mousse, S$17.90
Infuses maximum body & fullness.

A luxurious whipped-cream mousse that gives even the finest hair all-over body, volume and a boost of fullness without weighing hair down. This mousse leaves hair full of body and movement without residue or flaking.

Volume Root Lifting Spray, S$18.90
Lifts & builds volume at the roots.

A targeted, root-amplifying spray that builds thickness and lift at the roots for amplified, high impact volume to achieve that touchably soft volume that lasts all day.

Availability: Now available in Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa and selected departmental stores.

Availability: Now available in Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa and selected departmental stores.

I've tried the everstyle curling products, and it really lasted through Singapore's humid weather. My curls didn't die on me. *__* I'll do a proper review on the products in a separate post! 

See yaaa guysss!

And here's a video to learn 3 different hairstyles using Loreal everstyle from Velda from Love Bonito!