Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012.

Time pass horribly fast! It's like 31 December in a blink of eyes. So I thought I should probably do one last blog post for the end of 2012. ^__^ Wahaha we all survived the doomsday.

Honestly 2012 is one hectic year for me. So many activities going on, meeting many many new people along the way! Awesome new friends, so glad I met them.

Nothing saddens me more than losing a really close friend too. Well, I'm sure everybody know how sucky that feels too. Let bygones be bygones. Hold no grudges(hopeful). Since a brand new year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow.

Life is like a roller coaster ride~ All the ups and downs. Family is still the best people on earth. They'll still be there for you no matter what. *insert lots of love*

 I think as I grow older, I tend to isolate myself from people a lot more. So, I hope to be more sociable and make even more friends. Why the hell am I such an awkward panda. :/ And hopefully find my goals in life and work towards it.

Not to forget I need to go jogging more often, since after all these Christmas season, the next food noming sessions will be during February, Chinese New Year. Oh noo... It's so dangerous. I need to lose some fats.

Gahh, anyway I think I'm ending my post here. It's 5.30am now. Gosh, so sleepy.

Hereby wishing everybody a happy new year and hope next year would be a better year for all of you out there!

See you in 2013! Thank you for reading my nonsensical blog all these while!



  1. cute pics~ happy new year :D it's like 4.50am here too, gotta sleep now too <3 see ya Aki~

  2. Yeah, time really flew this year! >w<
    Happy New Yearm, Aki! I wish you the best for 2013! ^^
    Haha, your blog is so fun and cute, I've really loved reading it throughout the year!
    I'll see you in 2013! ^^

  3. Happy new year! You two look so cute :3

  4. Yea time does pass by really fast >.< hope you have a happy new year~

  5. Super cute photos & that fried rice looks so good! ^,,^

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  6. Cute photos Aki!! :D You look pretty as ever! Happy new yeaar!

  7. Haha, looks like you had a lot of fun together ^^

  8. Happy New Year Aki!! Best of luck in everything! You are always very pretty and gorgeous up to the end of 2012 ^_~

  9. You`re so cute Aki! just amazing as always ^ ^
    the food is making me droool :Q____
    Happy New Year la!


  10. Happy new year 2013!!~
    It's gonna be a great year ahead!
    Have a blast! :)

  11. adorable! I don't think I'm ever gonna be sociable -facepalm- But it's a good goal, nonetheless.
    Happy 2013 :3

    nyuu }

  12. yummy!

    you and your friend are very cute !:)


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