Sunday, January 27, 2013

[Review]Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water & giveaway

Hey ya! Bio-Essence just came out with their latest product and I'm gonna do a review on it!

Bio Spring Water!  

''Unquely low in mineral & super low in salt content yet rich in trace minerals for 2x cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects."


Aqua(Bio Spring Water), Nitrogen.

 I always find spring water sprays addictive somehow because of the cooling effect whenever I wanna freshen myself up. Probably, a long day in air-conditioned room, you would probably wanna hydrate your skin with it!

I usually use this in the morning after washing my face, so I just spray it on as a toner because I'm lazy sometimes. It does soothes my irritated skin during the hot hot afternoon. This product is suitable for oily skins as it also have effects to control oil.

Would recommend this to my readers who are looking for face mists. This is a great product to refresh yourself every after a few hours daily and very soothing. Can also use it after your makeup to set it and so it last longer!


I've 3 travel size Bio Spring Water to giveaway to my readers and to win this is very simple.

Simply just like my facebook page and this photo here OR simply comment on the blog post below with your email address. And I'll pick 3 lucky winners. Will fb message you/email you directly! Cheers! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Le 18th Birthday.

Ohai! This is a late post, my bday is long over~ And I'm finally 18. Just gonna share some photos!

I had awesome 18th birthday with my friends & family. Heh. I felt like I had birthday for a week. LOL.

So I had early birthday surprise by umma, selina and von~ Heheh thank you for the cakey and pressie.

And jac, jer, fel and bin. Hahaha. Thanks guys. Nice ktv session too!

Another one with xiwen and clara, my besties. Hehehehe. Thanks girls.

And a super nicely baked panda cake from my bestie, gina~ Yayy. So awesome. Super sweet of her. Btw pardon my umm, makeupless face. Cause I just woke up and she came to surprise me with the cake. HAHAH.

Then, a nice long date with my wifey, Makikikikiyo.

Because my wifey is such a cutie, and for those gyaru lovers out there.
Read her blog ya. Hahahaha.

A nice french meal at PAUL. Thanks for the treat Rei~ Hahhaa. So yeahhh, treats for you guys again. Handsum guy blog.

Thanks everyone for the wishes and presents! First time receiving so much love from all my friends. Hehehe. Blessed. So far 2013 been good to me. How about you guys?

Anyway ending my post here and spamming photos with wifey again.