Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January's loots.

Hi guys!

Ohhhhooooo. I break my record for not blogging for more than 2 weeks.

Hehehe, actually, lately haven't really been in a good mood since many things happening around me and stuff. So, yeah. But yay, I'm back like finally! My first post on January?

I'll be sure to bring up more interesting post and will be doing more nail art tutorial from now on! I'm tempted to buy a gellish starter set actually. With the UV light and all.

Here's some random hauls. I've been shopping with mummy and sister lately. SO MANY THINGS TO BUYYYY.

And yeah, I've been shopping at my usual shopping mall, City Plaza, which sells many wholesales clothes there. Many of the stores owners are like suppliers. They usually supply clothes to places like fareast plaza, or even bugis street. So most of the things you see there, probably bugis would have.

But I feel that Bugis Street stuffs are like repeated things, so it's kinda boring. At City Plaza you can find many interesting pretty clothes at very cheap priceeee. $$$$$$


Long knitted red top, can wear it as a dress too.

I've seen this Simpsons top in Vivi January issue, so this is the inspired top. STILL, VERY CUTE.

Camo swearer~

Simple black studded sweater.

And this colourful t-shirt. Omg this is super cheap. like only $10

a skirt? :p

And you realised, I actually have a similar spikey shoes but it grey colour. I got this at like $18? AND I LOVE THE SPARKLING BLACK BASE.

And a inspired kitty pumps i saw in Vivi magazine too~

Thats about it for now! And my birthday is tomorrow! I'm finally turning 18! Time pass really fast, but I hope to stay 18 forever. That probably wouldn't happen, but oh well...

I'll be blogging again tmr! See yaaa! 


  1. I like the black studded sweater the most!! ehehe. :-))


  2. Just realized you're still 18 :O I'm 20 this year and I feel old T_T

  3. those studded shoes :o
    totally love *-*

  4. Oh my God, the Bart pullover is so cool! :D

  5. Those spikey shoes are amazing! Happy birthday cutie!

  6. GLad you're back to blogsphere Aki <3 I've been missing you! the Kitty pumps look so cute! please show us the pic of you wearing it, hehe

  7. how much was the bart pullover?
    ahaha yeah it's actually a fake from a brand called jeremy scott tbh

  8. Haha! I really love that Bart Simpson top! Brings back so many childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV and watching The Simpsons with my sister! ^w^
    And belated Happy Birthday! Your 18! >W<
    And the only way you could stay 18 forever is if you became a vampire!
    Sorry. It's holidays for me, and I've been catching up with The Vampire Diaries show... I've watched too much already... - w-



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