Saturday, February 16, 2013

Busy bee.

Hey guys! Happy Chinese New Year all! I've been so busy visiting etc lately. And went to Malaysia for a few days, so I didn't have a chance to update my blog at all! Finallyyyy. I can now update my soon to be dead blog. LOL.

 Just to show some stuffs I got online before CNY!

I'm totally in love with that Rotting Out sweater. The colour is so cuteeeee.

I had like yummy dinner everyday at Malaysia O.O so much fun but so little photos. Because I was busy having fun so I didn't have time for photo taking :p Heheeeeee. I'll be back to update more soon! Ending my post here. See ya!


  1. Beautiful clothes ^_^ From what site?

  2. i like these 2 sweaters a lot!
    wow food look so yummy ;__;
    and you are very pretty as usual :)

  3. You're so beautiful! :) I like the last sweater^^

  4. The second sweater is very cool! :O I want it, too ! ~ Amazing <3 The dog is cute :)

  5. The cross shorts are adorable! Super awesome if put together with other pieces!

  6. Really love the sweaters!
    omg, all that food has me so hungry right now! - w-
    Hehe, I wanna go out and just eat Asian foods right now! >w<

  7. you look super duper cute as always ^_~


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