Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WTF! (We're the Furballs!)

You must be thinking what's going on here. But anyway WTF stands for We're the furballs. I think it was before I went to Malaysia for CNY, me and wifey went to this really cute place. It's actually a cafe, where you get drinks or food and you get to play with their dogs in the cafe! Omg, it's hella cute.

Well, because we had our lunch and movie, we only bought drinks in. Just in case you wondering why my spikey bracelet is on the table. HHAHAHA. I didn't want to hurt the puppies  ToT.


All of them are soooooooooooooo kweeeeet! Especially Buibui. Hehe.

Spacious air-conditioned room for the little furballs to run around! Ahhh, still can't get over how cute they are.

This is probably a fun hangout place when you're bored and for people who loveeee dogs.

Rusty boy, don't worry, I still love you!


Straight after that, we went to try out this new dessert shop, Black Ball. They had an outlet at I12 Katong.

Ohhhhh yumzzzzzz. Those purple and yellow orangey balls are made of taro and sweet potatoes and some other potatoes I think. Anyway, I love ittttt! It's yummeh. Hehe.

Well, as usual, busy instagraming. LOL.

Ending the post with two selcas. And so you're wondering why you don't see my face. Because that day, my eyes look horrifying as I had eye infection. Horrible red eyes. So better not to see, it'll be a little disturbing. LOL.

I think me and wifey is gonna travel around more and hunt for nice places to go. See ya~


  1. the dogs are adorable! ^^
    the desserts look yummy!

  2. SO CUTE! omg Slinky's long face..

  3. Omg the dogs are so adorable! Bui Bui looks super cute and serious ahaha. I dont' think there are any cafes like that here, but lucky you!

  4. soooooo cute!! i love dogs i have two pomeranians myself and they're my life lol


  5. oh it looks so cute!!! I love dogs hehe.

  6. Aww so cute ! Duchess is so adorable btw XD


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