Monday, March 25, 2013

Invogue - New hair colour!

Good day everybody! I can't help but think that I'm a bear living in human body for the things I do. Hibernating and gobble up any food I see. The more I sleep, the sleepier I get. And the cycle continues.

I just managed to get my ass off the bed to blog. Miracle indeeeed. Some of you might know this if you seen my Instagram, that I recently got my hair dyed and I refused to show the end result of my hair simply because I'm... lazy. Heh.

But anyway here it is.

My pretty turquoise & purple ombre hair. And nope, I didn't do it myself. Had it done in a salony.

Arrived at this super chic salon called Invouge Hair and Beauty Salon. It's so pretty in turquoise! And that's my favourite colour. 

Need I say more? (*`д´)b

My pretty bff accompanied me too. Ah, love her. :-*

So, starting with my funny looking messy hair with all those little hair sticking out here and there. 

I love my hair being in all sorts of funky colour because colourful hair makes me happy. So, Kalvin from Invogue Hair and Beauty salon decided to do a nice ombre hair for me. From what I know, Invogue is known for their hair rebonding skills. You could actually see people on forum talking about it.

Starting off with the base colour.

Acting goofy while I can. 

Step 1 done!

Moving on to the fun part. Bleaching and baking of hair. Making sure it's all blonde and crispy. 

Honestly, I can hear my hair crying in pain as they are being tortured. But seriously, for beauty's sake. Anything is worth it. 


Super super super duper wuper love how my hair looks now. Even if I did it myself, I could never have it so neatly done.

Thank you Kalvin for such great job done and honestly, this is a very tedious process. Love their professionalism and patience. I really love my hair!

Invouge Hair & Beauty Salon
Block 139, #01-18
Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521139

Because we were very hungry after long hours in da salon. :p むしゃむしゃ( ´)Д(`)

Still, gotta thank gigi for her help in taking photo. v(*’-^*)-☆ 


  1. Wow~ I love your new hair color! >u<
    The salon looks great! :'D

  2. Your your new hair is so cute! Like a mermaid!

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous~ your hair is amazing! Is one strand in the front pink?

  4. The color is so pretty!! And I never seen ombre done with braids before :3

  5. Your new hair colour is so cool!!! It looks amazing on you~~


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  7. wow your hair looks amazing :O

  8. I see a random strand of pink, but so pretty!

  9. awesome hair!!
    btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!~

  10. OMG soooooooo pretty!! I want I want!! XD The blue ombre looks super fun!!

    ♡ M.May

  11. Uwah! Cool hair!! >w<
    Hehe, I really admire and respect hairdressers! ^^
    Looks really good on you! ^^

  12. Gorgeous hair styles!! this is such a great blog! thanks so much for sharing!
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