Monday, April 29, 2013

Eliminating / Nail of the week

Hi! I'm not sure if it's me or is it blogger that I can't seem to upload my photos. ): Used photobucket for the time being. Argh.

Been so dead lately that I didn't even wanna touch my blog. Hahahahaha. Just to do some little update so I could at least try to make it seems a little more alive. Will be posting some reviews tho!

My ombre hair faded so much that it looks kinda dirty. LOL. Some dirty ashy colour. Still thinking if I should dye it again. Poor hair suffering so much.

I was just thinking about why do I always eliminate people from my life. I guess I'm really the type of person who just doesn't enjoy hanging out in a group. Ever since secondary school life, I realised that having a group of friends can be fun, but as time goes, surely there will be lots and lots of drama. To keep myself out of those drama, I'll just shut them away. Just keep that few friends and my family is enough for me.

But I'm always afraid of meeting new people thinking that they might come and go too easily.

Anyway, just saying these after reading my friend's blog and had a heart to heart talk with her. I'm satisfied just like this~

Just wanna live a carefree and happy live. Since I'm young. Shall not worry much and take one step at a time!

Sooooo, recently, I saw this super cute picture of some nail art I found online and I thought I wanna try doing it too!

Tadahh. And I've done it. Teehee. Too cute. I wanted to do it with some neon coloured base but I've too limited neon colours. #sad

That's about it! Have a nice week ahead guys!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liese Hair Bubble Jewel Pink!

Hello! Been missing again! But back with exciting review on Liese Bubble hair dye in Jewel Pink! It's new colourrrr! I love pink!

I decided to use it on my sister because my hair is in terrible condition due to too much bleaching and colouring. Poor hair.

Liese hair dye is like my favourite dye hair ever. Definitely recommend this to everyone, especially those who usually dye their hair themselves.

It comes with only two solutions, a glove, rinse off conditioner and guide booklet! 

 As the instruction shows, do not shake your solution hard to mix, just gently tilt it up and down for a few times!

I've tried other foaming hair dyes but none is  as awesome as Liese because, the rest of the foams doesn't stay, seriously.

I once bought this foam hair dye, which really doesn't foam up. O.O And I ended up using it like any other typical hair dye plus the colour doesn't come out even.

Liese is really easy to use. It's just like washing your hair with shampoo. I'm super amazed by how good it is. Easily you could achieve evenly colored hair without sectioning your hair.

This is before. 

And after, with Liese in Jewel Pink. 

I really love the colour because there's a slight hint of pink! The pink doesn't really shows up in indoor lighting but with the sunlight it's pretty obvious.

I rate this product 4.5/5

*Above product is sponsored, but review are all my honest opinions because I've personally used Liese hair dye several times!*

Ending post here! Have a good day everyone!

Just in case you miss my face...


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I love pretty cafe ; Cafe Melba

 I really do love spending my time in pretty cafes, chilling and noming because it just makes me happy. I mean, food makes me happy. Ahahahahhaa. Jk, as long as the ambiance is good, everything is equally as good.

Saying bye to all these sinful food because I'm gonna go on a little diet. >.> Dang, had a little too much food lately. TEEHEEEEE. Especially when I just came back from my trip back to Malaysia. Listening to Shimizu Shota's song while writing this post because his songs are just too too too too awesome. さいこう! 

The other day, visited Cafe Melba with my sister at Goodman Road, where the old Laselle school is located at.  

The interior is pretty too. Everything decorated nicely and the whole place is like a glass house. One thing for sure is that, they take way too long to serve the food? I don't know why but it really took very very very long. Food are quite pricey but not too bad.


Iced Lychee Tea 

Had my hair all tied up because the weather is too hot, and I really couldn't understand why I wore a sweater on sucha warm day. I also love my eyemake that day. Added some blue eyeliner on my eyelids. Heh. 

And my sister. Hellooo. 

We had the soup of the day, Celeriac Soup and I think it wasn't that delicious. 

I had Vongole with Clams and Squid Ink Pasta. There's choice of 500g and 1kg of clams, and my sis ordered 1kg. Can you imagine, just how much clams are there in my plate. xO Anyway, this is my fav dish. So yumz. 

 Sissy had Reuben Sandwich. Taste good!

  And yeah, we spent like $77 with the GST and service charge included. So eggpensive but thanks for the treat sista.

Abrupt ending because, I'm gonna go sleep. Goodnight!