Monday, April 29, 2013

Eliminating / Nail of the week

Hi! I'm not sure if it's me or is it blogger that I can't seem to upload my photos. ): Used photobucket for the time being. Argh.

Been so dead lately that I didn't even wanna touch my blog. Hahahahaha. Just to do some little update so I could at least try to make it seems a little more alive. Will be posting some reviews tho!

My ombre hair faded so much that it looks kinda dirty. LOL. Some dirty ashy colour. Still thinking if I should dye it again. Poor hair suffering so much.

I was just thinking about why do I always eliminate people from my life. I guess I'm really the type of person who just doesn't enjoy hanging out in a group. Ever since secondary school life, I realised that having a group of friends can be fun, but as time goes, surely there will be lots and lots of drama. To keep myself out of those drama, I'll just shut them away. Just keep that few friends and my family is enough for me.

But I'm always afraid of meeting new people thinking that they might come and go too easily.

Anyway, just saying these after reading my friend's blog and had a heart to heart talk with her. I'm satisfied just like this~

Just wanna live a carefree and happy live. Since I'm young. Shall not worry much and take one step at a time!

Sooooo, recently, I saw this super cute picture of some nail art I found online and I thought I wanna try doing it too!

Tadahh. And I've done it. Teehee. Too cute. I wanted to do it with some neon coloured base but I've too limited neon colours. #sad

That's about it! Have a nice week ahead guys!


  1. I don't like groups too.. Because there still be someone who don't really like him or I don't like someone there.

    I like your hair color and army shirt =D

    1. Hheehhe glad that you feel the same! Thank you~

  2. I feel you Aki! :( I don't get along with a lot of people so I tend to limit myself with being with a couple of friends only! I hope we can meet soon, I feel we can totally get each other! Haha! <3 And you have cute nails :( I'm so clumsy for nail art! HAHA!

    1. I so wanna meet you too Marion! Do come Singapore~~ I'll bring you to shopping! Hahahaha. Yay<3 Happy to know I'm not alone thinking this way. Heh.

  3. Blogger hasn't been uploading my pictures as well but I tried it again on Google Chrome and it did just fine (I was using Firefox before) :3 And I hope you'll get through that phase, YOU NEED FRIENDS! Just not too much :P Ja ne~

    1. Yay, alright! I'll try google chrome then! Thanks for the info!
      And yes, everyone NEED FRIENDS. I got that phase. :p I've got friends. Teehee.

  4. You are so cute! :3
    Aah I love those nails *_* I wish I could decorate mine but mine get chipped so easily D:
    I've always had trouble uploading photos, so I just do mine through photobucket now~ But Google Chrome works well! :3

  5. Thanks Lizzie! You look great too! ^_^
    Hahaha, try to do gel nails instead! Ah, I just had the problem yesterday. Just tried
    using Google Chrome and yay, it really works!

  6. Those nails are so cute! I can't grow my nails out ever.. maybe I have a vitamin deficiency, but my nails are so thin ;__;

  7. I actually kind of like that washed out color! The nails look really fun and cute btw ^^
    Also, groups do equal more drama, unfortunately :(

  8. I quite like the faded colour of your hair! The nail design that you have is so cute and colourful~


  9. Hi Aki, I just found your blog and it's very cute!

    Large groups of friends have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Spend very nice moments but also can leave conflicts effectively.

    But if they are good friends, everything has a solution!

    The key is to stay always with the good of each thing, each moment and each person.

    By the way!, Your hair incredible! :P

    I follow you!

  10. Oh really cute nails design!


  11. Aki~
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award


  12. Hi Aki! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You don't have to do it but I just want to let you know ^__^

  13. If I were a boy, I would love you:)
    You are so attractive.


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