Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I love pretty cafe ; Cafe Melba

 I really do love spending my time in pretty cafes, chilling and noming because it just makes me happy. I mean, food makes me happy. Ahahahahhaa. Jk, as long as the ambiance is good, everything is equally as good.

Saying bye to all these sinful food because I'm gonna go on a little diet. >.> Dang, had a little too much food lately. TEEHEEEEE. Especially when I just came back from my trip back to Malaysia. Listening to Shimizu Shota's song while writing this post because his songs are just too too too too awesome. さいこう! 

The other day, visited Cafe Melba with my sister at Goodman Road, where the old Laselle school is located at.  

The interior is pretty too. Everything decorated nicely and the whole place is like a glass house. One thing for sure is that, they take way too long to serve the food? I don't know why but it really took very very very long. Food are quite pricey but not too bad.


Iced Lychee Tea 

Had my hair all tied up because the weather is too hot, and I really couldn't understand why I wore a sweater on sucha warm day. I also love my eyemake that day. Added some blue eyeliner on my eyelids. Heh. 

And my sister. Hellooo. 

We had the soup of the day, Celeriac Soup and I think it wasn't that delicious. 

I had Vongole with Clams and Squid Ink Pasta. There's choice of 500g and 1kg of clams, and my sis ordered 1kg. Can you imagine, just how much clams are there in my plate. xO Anyway, this is my fav dish. So yumz. 

 Sissy had Reuben Sandwich. Taste good!

  And yeah, we spent like $77 with the GST and service charge included. So eggpensive but thanks for the treat sista.

Abrupt ending because, I'm gonna go sleep. Goodnight!


  1. You are so cute~. Blue eyeliner is a good idea to suits your new hair colours, it does really look good! :D
    Aw I'm dying at your plate of vongole, just share with me if 1kg is too much ; _ ;. Fav dish too!

  2. You're so beautiful! o:
    The food/drinks look delicious~

  3. looks like fun!! i love your necklace!!


  4. Do your hair in this hairstyle always!! I love it! :> And I'm craving for lychees now :< Boo. Hahaha


  5. The cafe looks like it has a nice atmosphere!

  6. I bet you spilled your drink while taking that self shot ahaha. Omgerd I would die to eat that many clams. Clams are my fave *w*


  7. the place looks really neat and nice and as always you look adorably cute ^_~

  8. the food looks nice. lovely pictures sweetie :D and you are pretty as always <3

  9. I like the way your eye makeup goes with your hair. :)



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