Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liese Hair Bubble Jewel Pink!

Hello! Been missing again! But back with exciting review on Liese Bubble hair dye in Jewel Pink! It's new colourrrr! I love pink!

I decided to use it on my sister because my hair is in terrible condition due to too much bleaching and colouring. Poor hair.

Liese hair dye is like my favourite dye hair ever. Definitely recommend this to everyone, especially those who usually dye their hair themselves.

It comes with only two solutions, a glove, rinse off conditioner and guide booklet! 

 As the instruction shows, do not shake your solution hard to mix, just gently tilt it up and down for a few times!

I've tried other foaming hair dyes but none is  as awesome as Liese because, the rest of the foams doesn't stay, seriously.

I once bought this foam hair dye, which really doesn't foam up. O.O And I ended up using it like any other typical hair dye plus the colour doesn't come out even.

Liese is really easy to use. It's just like washing your hair with shampoo. I'm super amazed by how good it is. Easily you could achieve evenly colored hair without sectioning your hair.

This is before. 

And after, with Liese in Jewel Pink. 

I really love the colour because there's a slight hint of pink! The pink doesn't really shows up in indoor lighting but with the sunlight it's pretty obvious.

I rate this product 4.5/5

*Above product is sponsored, but review are all my honest opinions because I've personally used Liese hair dye several times!*

Ending post here! Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Oh reallly lovely color sweetie

  2. This warm color really suits you, so pretty !
    I'm hosting a Minkyshop giveaway, make sure to check it out dear :3

    xoxo <3

  3. It's a cute color :) But not as vibrant as I thought it would be :(
    I haven't tried this brand yet because my hand and eyes automatically go to palty x)

  4. Wahhh~ It's such a cute color on you! :'D
    I've never dyed my hair before, but I really want to. >u< Maybe I'll try this brand?

  5. lovely shade, you are always so cute ^_~

  6. It looks amazing~ I'm jealous. There is a shop around in Seattle that sells this type of brand so I will definitely look into using it next time when dying my hair~!


    The color looks nice! I like the Liese dye because it's so fun to use! I heard if you make your hair messy while you use it, it can make your hair fall out or get tangled :( But if you use it carefully it's really nice!

  8. love the hair color o.o!!! it seems to work really well !

  9. I'm used to dyeing my hair, but I just can't find the perfect hair dye brand that will give me the color that I want. Usually, the color comes out too dark, but I don't re-do it because I'm afraid that it might damage my hair. Won't this product damage my hair? I mean, my hair's already damaged and I don't want it to get worse than it already is.


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