Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Currently at Malaysia~

Hi guys, I can't believe this. I'm in Malaysia for 5 days already. Still surviving. LOL. I mean, I just survived 2 days on my own. Without my mum, dad, sisters, brother or Rusty. ): But honestly, I miss Rusty so bad. Well,
that's also because he's my only company whenever I'm alone at home.

So let me summarize up what I've been up to. So for the first 3 days I was with my dad, mum and 2nd sis and relatives and happily going out and eating. So the next 2 days, I've been staying with another relative of mine, and helping her to work. BUT. BUT. BIG BUT. I'm trying hard to help but I'm so helpless because most customers speaks Malay. Well, I'm in Malaysia you see. LOL. So ya, probably I should just try to pick up some malay and like umm, listen to the important points.

So bascially it's my 2nd day feeling so helpless and bored. O.O At least managed to survive with some WIFI. I'm also really happy that everyone been so nice to me. Very much appreciated. THANK YOU.

I'm seriously craving for pizzas, and lots of pizzas. Idk why. I REALLY WANT SOME PIZZA NOW. DOMINOS PIZZA. >:( !

Gahhh, whatever done with ranting. I've two reviews to be done and I have yet to take any peektures yet.
So, ending this wordy post here and have a nice week ahead guys.

Much love~ 


  1. Haha! Have fun there!
    You'll probably end up speaking Malay, people always say it's the best way to learn :D

  2. Awwwh lucky you! Malaysia is so amazing, go out and eat like crazy :D the shopping is ace too!

  3. Aww I hope you'll enjoying Malaysia! It's a nice place to be at, except for the crazy traffic jams even at 1am.

    Lol Dominos and Pizza Hut in Malaysia's not exactly good IMO. I had one bite and left the rest alone. XD

  4. hope you will be doing great in Malaysia! and you look so cute as always ^_~

  5. Hope you enjoy the trip very much, I love to visit Malaysia!


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