Wednesday, May 8, 2013

V10 Plus.

Hi guys! Lazy me is back. I'm gonna talk about this product V10 Plus! It is also known as the world 1st skin supplement concept! V10 Plus have 10 serums for different skin conditions.

Bio Stem Cell Serum
-For skin cells repair

Hyaluronic Acid Serum(No.1 Best Seller) 
-Dry and inner dry skin.

Amino Serum
-For dryness. Moisturizes the skin with marine collagen and decreases dullness.

Ceramide Serum
-For dry and sensitive skin. Fills the damaged horny layer and enforces
the barrier function of skin.

Licorice Serum
-Good for irritation and inflammations.

Pycnogenol Serum
-To eliminate activated oxygen that trouble your skin and also remedies 

Collagen Serum(No.2 Best Seller)
-Good for wrinkles and elasticity.

Placenta Serum(No.2 Best Seller)
-Effectively lighten spots, freckles and dullness

Vitamin-A Serum
-For your eye area, normalizes the turn over of the skin cells
and rejuvenate your skin. 

Vitamin-C Serum
-Minimizes pores and good for pimples.

The 10 points of V10 Plus:

-No Paraben
-No artificial colour
-No mineral oil
-No chemical fragrance
-Water based
-Customized serums for 10 skin problems
-Visible results in 10 days
-Colour therapy from colourful bottles
-Made in Japan.

I've got a bottle of Hyaluronic Acid! Tried it for a week now~ So far no breakouts. And one thing I really like about it is that, most serum tend to leave some stickiness on your skin, which I really don't like. But V10 Plus doesn't leave any sticky fweelinggg. Of course it also did hydrates my skin(absorb fast too!). My skin is really dry on the inside. T.T Used it along with my hada labo. Double double hydration. 

You can get V10 Plus Serum at $128 each and you can get it at Spa Symphony,

313 Orchard Road,
#B2-50/51, Singapore 238895 


  1. Interesting products. . .With so many varieties, I'd love to try Vitamin-C Serum!! Great to know the one V10 plus works on you and is not sticky ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Oh that's interesting, I think I saw something similar to this not too long ago too!
    Also, letting you know that I nomitated you for a blogger award ^^

  3. this seems interesting, also the bottles are kind of cute ♥

  4. Wow~ This seems interesting! o:
    Super love the cute and colorful packaging~

  5. How big your eyes are!
    They are so beautiful.

  6. I love your blog. You are so adorably pretty!! And also this product seems really cool. I wanna give it a try~!

  7. It is a very complete!

  8. Your face is so perfect babe! *__*


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