Monday, June 3, 2013

Sun, sea and beach.

Hello~ Two days back went to Port Dickson in Malaysiaaaa and came back looking like a lobster. Oohoho. Not the outdoor type of person T.T So, I'm pretty sad I got a little bit tanned. Here's lots of pretty pictures.
And had lots of fun~ Enjoy!


  1. Lovelyy piccas~!!
    Can't wait to go to beach after my finals ;__:)//

  2. Pictures look so dreamy *___* Your hair color is always adorable so jelly!

  3. You are so pretty! That food looks delicious... Probably not very good for me to look at this at night time ><

  4. Wow, all that food looks good!! And the beach looks so lovely ♥ Now that I've seen such pretty pictures, I definitely want to visit someday =D


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