Friday, July 12, 2013

Update about Mushroom!

 (Rare times having light makeup for photoshoot. Omaigawd, I feel as if like my eyes couldn't open or smth. Omaigawd and wearing spaghetti strap top. FLABBY ARMS. HAHA.)

Hello~ Still trying to get used to my mid hair length. Actually, my hair isn't that short. Only with styling that my hair would look more like mushroom. I'm thinking of going even shorter!

And ohohoho, just to update a little bit in case my blog is dying. But yay, I had lots of fun today, doing photoshoot for some secret thingy going on. Not gonna reveal it yet, but yup~ 

Yup, and changed my natural make to this. This is Himekokokoko. Think most of you have seen her before! Often tagging her in instagram too. Heehe. My slacking buddy. 

 Soooo yup, haven't been doing much lately. Super lazy to update blog as well, because I've got no pretty photos to share. :p

 Life is a little too boring for me. I need more interesting events. T.T

Well, to lighten up your day a little, I shall show you my spastic video I uploaded on Instagram. Enjoy~

Here's my recent favourite drink. Like omg, I love Earl Grey milk tea, and Pokka finally have them. HOOORAAAAY. 

My current anime list: One Piece and Naruto. Recently just added Hunter X Hunter in! Surprisingly good anime, like I can't stop watching. For at least the storyline is not draggy like OP or Naruto. Currently at episode 81, I think it is still ongoing... is it? Not sure. :p But catching up to the latest soon! 

Thats about it! Abrupt ending here! Will be back to update more! Cheerios~

Monday, July 8, 2013

Short hair! @ Jean Yip Hairdressing (Style of the Month)

Omg, hi guys! I'm so excited to share with you my new hair cut!

Recently got invited as special guest of Style of The Month for Jean Yip Singapore!

About “Style of The Month”
[How to Participate:
1st Step: Get your hair done at Jean Yip Singapore
Optional Step: Take a picture with your hairstylist (OPTIONAL)
Step Three: Complete the caption "My favourite stylists is from ‎#JeanYip because..."
Last Step: Post it here & email it to with your full name, NRIC/FIN no & HP number

1x $1,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher
25x consolation prizes (total worth more than $1,000)
How to Win: entry with the most response, including "Like", "Comment" & "Share"]

Honestly, I didn't know what to do to my hair when I stepped into the salon. Was only thinking about getting my hair dyed.

Vavavoom, I'm eyeing that ash purple at the right side >>
Wanted to get ash brown but because my current hair colour is red, it will be hard to get the colour off, so Joe, my hairstylist suggested that I tone down my hair little by little. If I bleach it away, my hair will be super damaged.

And and, decided to cut off all those unhealthy bleached hair! They are dry as hay!

Dyeing of hair~ 

I love their scalp treatment! It's super cooling and relaxing!  Did silk treatment as well.

Steam steam steam~

Hair is super smooth after treatment and smells greatttt.

And jang jang jang! 

Hair got toned down a little to copper red! Really love my hair length! But I'm thinking of going even shorter the next time I visit Jean Yip again! 

Thank you Jean Yip for the awesome service!

Of course not forgetting to camwhore la. Hahahhaa. Bye bye long hair. So long, see you soon!

Tell me what do you think of my hair! ^^v