Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GEO Mari Gold (Grey) Review!

It's been a long time since I last did a lens review! Thank you Eyecandy for sponsoring me a pair of lens for review! (:

The parcel came and it was all nicely wrapped with bubblewrap! It comes with a free casing and a card for you to keep track of your when your lenses expire. How thoughtful of Eyecandy's!

And this is the first time I've seen such cute lens casing! It's Mio Friend's! Cute little monkeeeey. You could get them with any purchase of lens from Eyecandy's

Product description:
GEO Mari Gold
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

 Haven't worn such natural looking lens in a while. Usually I would be wearing lens with diameter of 15mm. But 14.2mm is good for some lazy natural makeup day.
 I really love how this series of lens look! It has some gold streaks on it to somehow make your eyes sparkles. It blends really nicely with my natural dark brown eyes. Lastly, these lens are really soft and comfortable! *__*





To all my readers, simply quote my name 'AKICHAI' for a free surprise gift during purchase!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I permed my hair! @ Jean Yip

Hello guys! So I went back to Jean Yip again to perm my hair!  If you remembered, this is how my hair looks like the last time I went for a hair cut!
But of course, my hair looks mushroom-ish because I styled it with curly tongs! Let me show you my hair w/o styling.

Tadaaaa. I thought it looks pretty plain. And styling is super time consume as my makeup already took me around 30mins to complete. T.T Styling hair takes another 30mins! 

This time round, I did Nano Digital Perm and also Scalp Peeling Treatment! I so wanna show you the pictures but sadly, the stupid me, forgot to charge my camera before going, so I couldn't show you the process. T_______T

And I thought the scalp peeling treatment is really interesting as it helps to peel off those dead cells from your scalp. Helps to reduce hair fall!

But I really love how my hair turns out. Thank you Jean Yip once again!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello! This is a super super late post I apologise T.T But last month I went to the opening of T.O.T @ JEM! T.O.T stands for The Optique of Tomorrow.

The Optique of Tomorrow heralds a bold direction in local eyewear retail industy by marrying designer eyewear brands from more than 10 countries with the provision of professional optometry consultant in one store.

We got to try on the different eyewear during the event opening! What I really like about T.O.T is that all the eyewear are on display and not locked in shelves, to encourage interaction between wearer and glasses.

The brand that really caught my eyes are these Retrosuperfuture sunglasses. Handmade in Italy, all its designs are inspired by street couture. Worn by many artist like Kanye West, Daft Punk, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and Valentino Rossi!

Huahuhuahua, tried on one. And I thought I look funny. T.T

They brings in many other brands such as:

Inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Super dry is a British brand which fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage America, with the values of British tailoring.

And I thought the designs are really nice and jappish. Thinking of getting one for my daily wear *___*

Frame front has a unique coating which creates signature splash of multiple bright colours. Made of strong and flexible Nylon Compound which is light and durable.
Worn by lead singer of Aerosmith, Lee Ji Hoon, AKB48 and many more!

Feb 31st
This is another brand that caught my eye too. I super love things made of wood.
This is an Italian brand which mastered and honed traditional woodcraft for more than three generation.

So head down to T.O.T to get yourself a pair of those trendy eyewear!

 JEM, #03-43

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jean Yip Style of the Month!

It's been awhile guys! Remember I talk to you guys about Jean Yip's Style of the Month contest? It's still on going till September. So hurry up now and join to stand a chance to win a total of $3,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher!

Style of the Month is organized by Jean Yip Hairdressing to pick up the hottest and trendiest hairstyle of the month. Commencing since July 2013 to September 2013!

How do you join the contest?

1st Step: Get your hair done at Jean Yip Singapore
Optional Step: Take a picture with your hairstylist (OPTIONAL)
Step Three: Complete the caption "My favourite stylists is from ‎#JeanYip because..."
Last Step: Post it here & email it to with your full name, NRIC/FIN no & HP number

1x $1,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher
25x consolation prizes (total worth more than $1,000)

 How to win?

 All you have to do is to get your friends to like, share and comment on your picture! The one with the most response would stand a chance to win.

Jessie is July's winner for the style of the month! Congrats!