Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GEO Mari Gold (Grey) Review!

It's been a long time since I last did a lens review! Thank you Eyecandy for sponsoring me a pair of lens for review! (:

The parcel came and it was all nicely wrapped with bubblewrap! It comes with a free casing and a card for you to keep track of your when your lenses expire. How thoughtful of Eyecandy's!

And this is the first time I've seen such cute lens casing! It's Mio Friend's! Cute little monkeeeey. You could get them with any purchase of lens from Eyecandy's

Product description:
GEO Mari Gold
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

 Haven't worn such natural looking lens in a while. Usually I would be wearing lens with diameter of 15mm. But 14.2mm is good for some lazy natural makeup day.
 I really love how this series of lens look! It has some gold streaks on it to somehow make your eyes sparkles. It blends really nicely with my natural dark brown eyes. Lastly, these lens are really soft and comfortable! *__*





To all my readers, simply quote my name 'AKICHAI' for a free surprise gift during purchase!


  1. These lenses look lovely on you! The lens case is really cute too.

  2. Always cute! This looks like Princess Mimi Almond but more natural!

  3. Hi Aki!!~
    Love the way the color of the contacts match your outfit so well!
    Stay Fab!

  4. It looks natural and pretty =)
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