Friday, August 16, 2013

I permed my hair! @ Jean Yip

Hello guys! So I went back to Jean Yip again to perm my hair!  If you remembered, this is how my hair looks like the last time I went for a hair cut!
But of course, my hair looks mushroom-ish because I styled it with curly tongs! Let me show you my hair w/o styling.

Tadaaaa. I thought it looks pretty plain. And styling is super time consume as my makeup already took me around 30mins to complete. T.T Styling hair takes another 30mins! 

This time round, I did Nano Digital Perm and also Scalp Peeling Treatment! I so wanna show you the pictures but sadly, the stupid me, forgot to charge my camera before going, so I couldn't show you the process. T_______T

And I thought the scalp peeling treatment is really interesting as it helps to peel off those dead cells from your scalp. Helps to reduce hair fall!

But I really love how my hair turns out. Thank you Jean Yip once again!

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  1. i think your hair is sooo cute!! but i always have haha! i like the color especially! also, your outfit is really cute XD

  2. The perm looks great! Suits you very well ^^

  3. haha wow you look so cute!!^^ I love that color<3


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