Monday, December 9, 2013

I am back and pic spam.

Hey guys. I've neglected this tiny little space of mine where I always post pictures, life, loots or maybe advertorials once in a while. As usual, my excuse would be, ''Ah, I'm so lazy...'' Problem is my camera is a little heavy, and I very particular about pictures when I post them on my blogs. THEY NEED TO BE TAKEN USING CAMERAS. LOL. Previously was using Samsung S2 and I really hate the camera thus I will never use phone camera. Rn, I'm using iphone and i loveee it.

Another thing is I do bring camera out some times, transfer them into my computer, and leave them there for months and months, being super lazy to edit them. Hope somebody is still reading. Teeeheee.

Since it's 3am thoughts always fleeting in at this timing. Life as usual there's ups and downs. Still alive, trying to survive in this tiny little world of mine fighting against aliens. Thank you to all my precious friends who stood by me and help me get through my little fights. I really really love them all deep deep down in my heart(I'm never a expressive person but now you know I do love you guys, if you are reading.). :') Met new people along the way, hope they will stay since they are all awesomez. But when will I meet my prince charming? *grin*

Hogey, enoughhhhh. Let's see some photos that I forgotten to post like months months back. When my hair is still red and long, with my wifey. Ahhhaaaa. So if you are wondering why the photo quality are so bad, cause they are taken using phone.

Will be back very soon I promise! xoxo.


  1. You two are so cute ^^
    Hope to read your reviews and posts really soon :)

  2. Hi Aki! You're super cute & I enjoy your posts!

    I nominated you for an award here:

    Keep up the awesome work!



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