Thursday, July 31, 2014



*Sorry for some of the not so glam photos.*

Harrow, came to update a little bit about life for the past few months. Having so much fun like really. Too much. And gaining too much fats. Yes, guilty pleasure. New school term just started and I find it very tiring to get to know new classmates. Just how much I hate socializing.

And life is quite tiring sometimes. Need to keep up with this and that. 

Oh, and because I'm having too much fun and waking up early for school my insomnia is getting a lot a lot better. I'm no longer sleeping at 4-5am or 11am. LOL. So glad, so glad. ToT. Please continue this way. 


Went to Batam with my friends for 3days 2nights. 

Nothing much to do there, and we stayed in a creepy villa. Feels like you're in horror movie the moment you step in there. Hahahahhaa. 

And then the new school term starts.

More fun.

Oh and I recently dyed my hair red once again. Not as bright as the previous time tho. Heh, but I likeeeeee.



  1. Aww all of you guys together having fun looks so cute ^^

  2. You look so cute! And I love it when I get to travel with my friends! We have crazy fun ♥

  3. Wahh~ It looks like you had a lot of fun! >u<

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